Kate & Tom July 25, 2020. Troupsburg NY Summer Wedding at Car-Mul Creek Farm

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  Katie and Tom said "I DO" on July 25, 2020 at 2 oclock in the afternoon on a beautifully sunny day at her lifelong home at Car-Mul Creek farms in Troupsburg, NY.  Katie and Tom will reside at the family farm where Tom grew up in Erie, PA.

  Katie looked stunning wearing an Ivory Strapless Melissa Sweet Trumpet dress from Davids Bridal and Maid of Honor & Bridesmaids wore full length Marine Dress Blue dresses matching Tom in a Marine Dress Blue tux.  Tom's Best Man and Groomsmen wore Grey with matching waistcoats also in Marine Dress Blue from Men's Wearhouse and boutonnieres from BK Florists in Canisteo, NY.  Brandy Dempsey from Jasper did all the ladies hair, while Alexia Coleman did the ladies makeup.  All the rings were purchased from Dahlkempers Jewelers in Erie, Pa and Katie's two piece engagement/wedding ring are beautiful when placed together on her finger.

  As Car-Mul Creek Farm, where Katie grew up, became the Venue for the Ceremony and the Reception.  Katie's Mom, Sharlene, spent two days a week for the last few months mowing a field into a beautiful location for a ceremony with tents being supplied from Meads Tent Rental in Wellsboro, Pa. and positioned into just the perfect place.  Sharlene also handmade all the bouquets.  All the flowers, topiaries and surrounding adournments placed around the venue are from Young Hickory Flower farm here in Troupsburg.  Katies Dad, Dan, made all the centerpiece boxes and cupcake display for the delicious sweets made by Katie's Aunt Karen from Rochester, NY.  Dinner supplied from a local Caterer, Steph Cady and her crew from Woodhull, NY served Prime Rib, Italian Chicken, a Loaded Mashed Potato bar, salad, rolls and mixed vegetables while David Ells from Declan-Casey Entertainment kept the party going well into the evening.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Buterbaugh!


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