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It is such a great feeling when you receive a facebook message from a couple saying we would like to meet with you about photographing our wedding.  Patrick & Rachel reached out last October and I am so glad they did.  

Meet The Bride and Groom

Patrick and Rachel decided to have an outdoor country wedding on his families property in Troupsburg NY.  Patrick is a carpenter and has turned a storage barn into an amazing venue first used for his sister's wedding and now for his own.  Rachel is from the Rochester NY, area and has been attending Alfred State college.  She graduated in May and in June became a Registered Nurse.

The Day

Patrick and Rachels wedding day turned out to be incredibly beautiful after a worrisome couple days due to threats of rain.  The sun was shining giving way to a blue sky and fluffy clouds.  Patrick and Rachel went the non traditional route with a first look and the day went off without a hitch. 

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Rogers.

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August 2021 Current OfferAugust 2021 Current Offer

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Prom : Brayden & Mckenzie | Jasper NY Well, it's been a minute since I have been able to do a portrait session and was happy to pick up the camera again for Brayden & Mckenzie.  Tonight, 5/15/2021 is the Addison High School prom.  It was a beautiful day, finally starting to warm up and not rain or snow.  To think a week ago, we had about 4 inches of the white stuff.  Here's a quick look at this afternoon's images. Have a great time tonight.  

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Tim & Carlie Engaged | Troupsburg, NY Engagement Session After a year and half, On September 12, 2020 Tim proposed to his best friend, Carlie.  He surprised her at the annual car show in Wellsville, NY with one of their prized possessions, a Mustang and had to incorporate it into their engagement session.  We photographed the session last Sunday, and even though it looks very warm, it was a very cool September afternoon, but we still had a fantastic time.

Congratulations to the future Mr. & Mrs.

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Kate & Tom July 25, 2020. Troupsburg NY Summer Wedding at Car-Mul Creek Farm   Katie and Tom said "I DO" on July 25, 2020 at 2 oclock in the afternoon on a beautifully sunny day at her lifelong home at Car-Mul Creek farms in Troupsburg, NY.  Katie and Tom will reside at the family farm where Tom grew up in Erie, PA.

  Katie looked stunning wearing an Ivory Strapless Melissa Sweet Trumpet dress from Davids Bridal and Maid of Honor & Bridesmaids wore full length Marine Dress Blue dresses matching Tom in a Marine Dress Blue tux.  Tom's Best Man and Groomsmen wore Grey with matching waistcoats also in Marine Dress Blue from Men's Wearhouse and boutonnieres from BK Florists in Canisteo, NY.  Brandy Dempsey from Jasper did all the ladies hair, while Alexia Coleman did the ladies makeup.  All the rings were purchased from Dahlkempers Jewelers in Erie, Pa and Katie's two piece engagement/wedding ring are beautiful when placed together on her finger.

  As Car-Mul Creek Farm, where Katie grew up, became the Venue for the Ceremony and the Reception.  Katie's Mom, Sharlene, spent two days a week for the last few months mowing a field into a beautiful location for a ceremony with tents being supplied from Meads Tent Rental in Wellsboro, Pa. and positioned into just the perfect place.  Sharlene also handmade all the bouquets.  All the flowers, topiaries and surrounding adournments placed around the venue are from Young Hickory Flower farm here in Troupsburg.  Katies Dad, Dan, made all the centerpiece boxes and cupcake display for the delicious sweets made by Katie's Aunt Karen from Rochester, NY.  Dinner supplied from a local Caterer, Steph Cady and her crew from Woodhull, NY served Prime Rib, Italian Chicken, a Loaded Mashed Potato bar, salad, rolls and mixed vegetables while David Ells from Declan-Casey Entertainment kept the party going well into the evening.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Buterbaugh!


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2021 Seniors - 4TH of July Sale by Bob Cornish Photography, Troupsburg, NY 7image promo7image promo

What a wild and crazy last few months this has been.  As you enter into your senior year, let's hope things become a bit more normal. It's your turn, your special moment, you have dreamed about it and I want to help you document this achievement by creating beautiful portraits that capture you.

Bob Cornish Photography has decided to offer a 4th of July special.  Through the month of July, book your senior portrait session for $250+tax and receive

90 min. Session

2- outfits

up to 2 locations 

all edited digital images

3-8x10, 6-5x7, & 40-wallets up to 5 poses.

session can include:  sports, cars, motorcycles,pets, instruments, etc.


Ready to get started and take advantage of this amazing deal?

Use the book now button to schedule your session.

$50 deposit due at booking to reserve your time.

If you have any questions, give me a call at 607-329-5579.

I hope to work with you soon.






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Jasper-Troupsburg Seniors Class of 2020, Jasper, NY IMG_9684IMG_9684 Quite a year?  As the 2020 graduating class of Jasper-Troupsburg makes the history books, they can breathe a sigh of relief.  School closed in March for 2 weeks, then 4 weeks, then 3 months.  Who knew?  Virtual learning became the norm.  They missed out on Prom, their Senior Field trip, and the entire last season of sports.  The expectation was, no graduation either.   

Last night, June 26, 2020, 6:30 pm at the soccer complex, JT's senior class had their graduation.  Wearing masks, socially distancing 6 feet apart and with only 2 guests per graduating student, Both Allison Hayes - Salutatorian and Logan Foster - Valedictorian where able to give their final speeches.  Definitely not a normal graduation ceremony, but all in all, it turned out beautiful.  Here is a little slideshow I put together of the evening.

Congratulations JT Class of 2020.  Best wishes to you always!

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Jasper-Troupsburg Mrs. McCaig Kindergarten Promotion, Troupsburg, NY Mrs. McMrs. Mc

Mrs. McCaig's kindergarten class promotion was held on June 16, 2020.  I think the kids has a great time.  

Here's the video.




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Jasper-Troupsburg Mrs. Hayes Kindergarten Promotion, Troupsburg, Ny 11 Monday Evening June 15, 2020 Mrs Hayes Kindergarten class held their "drive through" graduation ceremony.  For not having practiced at all, these kiddos did an amazing job.  Congratulations and may you all have a fantastic summer.

Kindergarten Class Mrs. Hayes

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Jasper-Troupsburg 6th Grade Promotion, Troupsburg, NY  

        Jasper-Troupsburg Elementary sixth grade promotion ceremony was held on June 11, 2020 dramatically different than ever before.  While their parents adjusted their vehicles in the parking lot, twenty-three sixth graders with appointments scheduled ten minutes apart, remained socially distant from their teachers and accepted their awards.  Mrs. Jordan, elementary principal gave her final lesson,a history lesson about FDR's first 100 days in office.  You will have to watch and listen to the video to find out the significance.  Mrs. Wyant, Mr. Lawson, Mrs. Cornell and Ms. Cornish gave their final words about the "fixer up theme" and how their students gained tools to move into the 7th grade.  They found out what inspires them, what things they love by actively doing new things and what the surprise of having their parents become teachers at home with distance learning.  (To all you parents, you did a great job).  To all sixth graders, your parents, your teachers and all the staff are so proud of how you managed to navigate the challenges of Covid-19.  As Mrs. Wyant says, well I will let you find out....

Special thanks to Collin Wyant for helping me with video and image making.  I truly appreciate your help and couldn't have done this without you.

Congratulations 6th Grade.


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